E2V - Fast. Reliable. Scaleable.


This site contains overview information about the E2V system, a comprehensive scripted vendor solution for Second Life merchants.


The E2V system is both easy to set up, and easy to maintain. We know you've got better things to do than set up vendors, so we've made every step as easy and straightforward as possible.


The E2V system features unprecedented fault tolerance, ensuring that your transaction data is safe and reliable, even in the midst of temporary region or server outages.


The E2V system is ready to grow with your business. Architected to handle any number of vendors and products, you'll be able to offer your customers the best in service and features no matter how many products you offer.


Features Overview

Easy/flexible pricing (price groups)

The E2V system provides a flexible, easy to use pricing system. You can either price each vendor on its own, or you can group similarly-priced vendors using the Price Groups feature. This feature allows you to assign one or more vendors to a named group, instead of using a numeric value. The price group is then defined as part of the Store Controller’s configuration note card. Since the price (as well as the buyer’s reward settings) is defined in only one place, changing the price of many vendors at a time is quite simple. More info...


The Store Controller contains a setting for a storewide sale. When the store is on sale, you can easily exclude any price groups you don’t want to be on sale. You can also simulate a sale by simply (temporarily) adjusting the price of any price group you’d like to be on sale.

Buyer's Rewards/Store Credit

Each vendor (individually) can specify an option buyer’s reward rate, one for group members, and one for non-group members. A vendor belonging to a price group automatically inherits the buyer’s reward settings from the price group’s definition. (However, the settings can still be overridden at the individual vendors.)


Gift Cards

The E2V system provides the ability to create secure, transferrable gift cards. You can select a list of card denominations and sell any denomination from a single vendor. You can also sell only a single denomination from a vendor. Lastly, you can allow a customer to enter their own amount, within the parameters you specify. The gift card vendor also has an admin mode where you (or admins you authorize) can create activated gift cards without needing to actually pay the vendor. More info...


Your customers can redeliver past purchases themselves, using a self-service redelivery terminal in your store. Clicking the terminal will load the redelivery web page for that one customer, allowing them to browse their complete purchase history. Additionally, if a customer is one of the last 100 purchases in the store, then a special button is placed on the redelivery menu, allowing the customer to quickly redeliver their last purchase. Since requesting a redeliver of the most recently purchased item is the more common scenario, this allows for a very fast and simple redelivery experience.

Admin Application

A web-based administration and reporting application is provided, allowing you to see your sales, run reports, manage customer store credit balances, etc.


Delivery Options

The E2V system offers different delivery modes. In the default mode, the Inventory Server is responsible for sending purchased and redelivered items to the customer. However individual vendors can also contain the item they are selling, and deliver the product directly from the Click here for specifics on delivery modes.

Customer Service Tools

If you have help from Customer Service Reps, you can equip them with tools to better assist your customers. Among these tools are a Redelivery HUD, an Admin Terminal for adjusting store credit balances, and a Product Deliverer for sending any of your items to any avatar. Of course, only you as the store owner can authorize others to use these features, and you can revoke their rights at any time.


The current list of reports includes: Cash sale totals for last 7 days, top sellers for this month vs last month, single item sales for various date ranges, detailed transaction list, gift card list, store credit list.