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How to use store credit

Note: This is an optional feature. You can implement it at your store if you want to, but you don't have to.

This article describes what store credit is, how customers can receive it, how they can spend it, and how you can manage it.

What is store credit?

Store credit is simply an account that any SL avatar can have with your store. There are no actual Linden dollars involved, it is simply a number of imaginary Linden dollars that customers can spend in your store.

Ways to get store credit

As the store owner, you control who gets store credit, and how much. There are 5 ways that customers can earn store credit:

  1. Buyer's rewards
  2. Gift Cards
  3. Given directly by you or your CSRs
  4. Awarded by VIP Credit
  5. Given to themselves

Buyer's Rewards

Every item in your store can give a buyer's reward upon purchase. The amount of the reward can be either a percentage of the purchase price, or can be a flat amount. You can also have one amount for customers without your group tag on, and another for customers with your group tag on.

For more information, see the article on vendor pricing.

Gift Cards

When a customer purchases a gift card, you earn the Linden dollars equal to the amount they pay for the card. When the final owner of the gift card redeems it, they are awarded the gift card's value in store credit.

Note that the gift card vendor has a special mode for creating activated gift cards without the need to pay the vendor. This mode is only available to the store owner, and any authorized agents.

Given by you or your staff

You can award any avatar any amount of store credit at any time. The store owner can use the Credit HUD for this purpose. The CSR terminal is also available to the store owner, as well as any authorized customer service representatives.

VIP Credit

See the article on VIP Credit to learn more about this feature.

Given to themselves

Customers can increase their own credit balance by paying the credit terminal (if you have one). This is required if a customer has (for example) L$90 in store credit, and wants to purchase an item for L$100. They can pay the credit terminal the difference of L$10, and then have enough credit to purchase from the vendor using only credit.

Using store credit

Customers can check their credit balance by using the credit terminal. This is provided as a script that you can place into any object. It doesn't require any configuration, and customers simply click the object to get a report of their current credit balance.

Customers can then purchase from any vendor using store credit by using the vendor's menu. Note that you have the option to configure a vendor object to either Pay on left click, or Touch on left click. If your vendor is set to Pay on left click, your customers will need to right-click on the vendor and select "Menu" in order to get the vendor menu where they can then select "Credit." With Touch on left click, a single click will bring up the menu (though buying will require right-clicking).