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Split Profits

You can pay another avatar a percentage of the sale from any vendor by using the split feature.

Step 1 - Rez [E2V-3] Payments object

On any region where you have vendors that will use the split feature, you must rez a copy of the [E2V-3] Payments object, and then click it and grant it debit permissions.

Step 2 - Define the Split Name, Target and Amount

There are 3 parts to a split. They are Split Name, Split Target, and Split Amount.

Split Name - You need a short, easy to remember name for what you're doing with this split. Are you paying rent? Are you paying your CSR? Paying your manager, or co-designer? Making a donation? Whatever it is you're doing with the split, you'll need to call this split something.

Split Target - Next you'll need the UUID of the avatar you want to pay. You can get an avatar's UUID from their profile.

Split Amount - Lastly, you'll need the amount you want to give this avatar on each sale. This is typically written as a percentage, like 25% or whatever amount you choose.

Step 3 - Add the Split to the Controller

Edit the settings note card inside the Store Controller, and find the section for Splits. This is where you'll add your split information.

Here's an example of a split definition. In this example we'll use "mgr" as the Split Name, and 50% as the Split Amount.


As you can see, the split is written as "Split=" followed by Split Name, Split Target, Split Amount with no spaces between the values.

Step 4 - Pick Which Vendors Use Your Split

Think of it like this: adding the split info to the Controller doesn't pick which vendors should use that split, it only makes that split available to use.

You can apply a split to any vendor by adding the Split Name to the vendor's description line as part of the vendor's pricing options.

Normally vendor's description line has 3 components to it, which are price, n-reward, and g-reward, written like this:


You can add a fourth component, which is the Split Name, like this:


A vendor with the above pricing options will pay 50% of its sale price of L$150 to the avatar specified in the split called "mgr" inside the Controller.

In this way, you can easily change the Split Target or Split Amount on many vendors at once, simply by changing the Store Controller, instead of editing every vendor using the split.


You must have FOUR parts to the vendor pricing to use splits! They are price, n-reward, g-reward, and split name.

But what if you're not using Buyer's Rewards? The Split Name still needs to be the 4th item! Here's how to do this if you are not using Buyer's Rewards at all (or if you just want to use the default values from the Store Contoller):

In our example above, the Buyer's Rewards were included in the options:


You can "skip" writing the Buyer's Rewards just by removing those numbers:


But without spaces!


Or, you can disable Buyer's Rewards by using 0's: