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Vendor Set Up

This article contains information on setting up vendor objects. Please note: The delivery mode used by your vendors depends upon their contents. Please make sure you read the article on How Product Gets Delivered in order to know how to set up your vendors.

Building a vendor object

Vendors can be any single prim, or linked set. While a vendor can have multiple prims, you cannot have multiple vendor scripts in a single object.

Vendor Name

Your vendor's name must match the name of your product box in the Inventory Server. This match has to be exact, including punctuation, capitalization, and spacing. (The most common misnaming between vendors and boxes is extra spaces somewhere between words!)

There are two exceptions to this rule:

  1. A vendor object may contain the word "vendor" at the very end of the name, separated by a space. This text will be ignored when matching the vendor to a product box. Thus "My Fancy Shoes Vendor" will actually deliver a product named "My Fancy Shoes" (your transactions will list this name, as well).
  2. The Inventory Server supports the notion of "suffixes" which are a way to add extra text onto the end of a product box, yet not require that text on a vendor. For example, all of your product boxes might carry the text "(Wear to unpack)" on the end of them. But this text isn't helpful on a vendor or transaction listing. For example, using the suffixes feature, you can name your vendor "My Fancy Pants" and name your product box "My Fancy Pants (Wear to unpack)". Note also that if you use folder delivery mode in this example, the customer's folder will be named the same as the vendor - without the unsightly "(Wear to unpack)" which doesn't make much sense in a folder name.

Vendor Description

You are welcome to make use of the vendor object's Description field. The pricing information must appear at the end of the Description text, in square brackets. For example, this is a valid vendor Description field:

Mesh boots in all standard sizes, coloring HUD included. [boots]

Be sure to read the article on vendor pricing to understand more about what appears in brackets.