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Messenger - What Is It?

The Messenger add-on allows you to send text and/or an object to a select group of customers.

What Can You Use It For?

There are many possible uses, including:

  • Sending an updated item to everyone who purchased it
  • Sending some sort of thank you or reward to people who've spent a certain amount at your store


IMPORTANT: You must first rez the Messenger object before you can use the following instructions.

Using the Messenger is a two-step process

  1. Use the website to specify which customers you want to select.
  2. Use the in-world Messenger object to send your text and/or object.

Step 1 - Selecting Customers

There are three tabs that provide different selection methods:

  • By Items - Allows you to select customers based on what items they've purchased, optionally within a date window.
  • By Spending - Allows you to select customers based on the amount they've spent on your items, optionally within a date window.
  • By Credit Balance - Allows you to select customers who have a current store credit balance within the bounds you specify.

Please see the following sub-pages for more help on selecting recipients: By Items, By Spending, or By Credit Balance

Step 2 - Reviewing/Sending

The Messenger object can send an IM, and inventory object, or both.

To send an object to your recipients, simply place the object inside the Messenger prim.

To configure the text of an IM, click the Messenger and select the "Message" item from the menu. Then type your message into local chat.

You may wish to review some of the customer names that have been selected based on the website criteria you entered. You can do this using the Review button on the Messenger's menu. Names will be shown in pages of 10 names at a time. You can use the menu to go to the next or previous page of names.

Once you're satisfied that you have the correct message, item, and recipients, select the Send button from the Messenger's menu. The current options of the send will be shown to you in local chat. You'll have a few seconds to cancel in case you didn't mean to click Send, or you spot a problem in your text and/or item, then after that the send process will begin.

You'll be notified by IM from the Messenger when the send completes. Typically, a send can process one avatar name every 2 seconds.

Cancelling an in-progress send: To cancel once a send has begun, left-click on the messenger object and hold the button down while you count to 3, slowly. Then release the mouse button.