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By Items

Use this page to select recipients based on the items they've purchased from your store.

1 - This is where you specify the name of an item or items. Anyone who has purchased a matching item will be selected as a recipient for the message. You can specify either an exact name of a single item, or you can use wildcards to match the names of several items all at once. For example, if you enter an item name such as "Blue Cube" then only customers who have purchased that exact item will be selected. However, if you enter an item name of "*Cube" then you'll select customers who have purchased any item whose name ends in "Cube", such as "Green Cube," "Blue Cube," or even just plain "Cube"

2 - Use the Help Me Pick Items button to open the following dialog box:

When you type in a name and click Search, the list of matching item names will be shown, so you can experiment with finding just the right name. In the example above, you can see how the wildcard causes multiple items to be matched. Using this text as the item name would select any customer who has purchased any of the listed items. Click the Use Item Name button to automatically copy/paste the item name to the main selection page.

3 - Click in the date range fields to define a range in which the purchase had to have occurred. For example, setting the From date to 2013-10-1 and the To date to 2013-10-31, would only match customers who have purchased the selected item(s) in the month of October, 2013. You can also leave off one date or the other. Specifying only the From date means "only after this date" and specifying only the To date means "only before this date."

4 - Be sure to click Save after setting up your search parameters.