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Messenger - Special Features

These are the special modes you can use with the Messenger:

Test Mode

You can run the Messenger in a special Test Mode where all names in your list are processed, but all text and/or items are sent to a single avatar you specify.

To use this mode:

  1. Create a notecard called "testkey" and enter the UUID of the test avatar on the first line of the notecard.
  2. Place the notecard inside the Messenger inventory.
  3. Click the Messenger and pick Reset from the menu.

Note that you will see the test UUID in local chat.

To return to normal operation, remove the notecard and pick Reset from the menu again.


To use the Messenger with the self-hosted version:

  1. Rez the Messenger object
  2. Place your standard "host" notecard in the Messenger's inventory.
  3. Click to continue as normal.