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What Is A Relay?

In general terms, a relay is an object that lives on the store region, and acts like a queue for information that is intended to go elsewhere, such as a web server, or Inventory Server. Sometimes the final destination for information is not available, and relays queue up the information until the the final destination is once again running.

A typical example of this would be when the Inventory Server lives on a region other than your store region, such as your home region. When your home region is restarting, or down for any reason, all delivery requests from vendors during that time are queued up in the Delivery Relay. Once your home region becomes avilable again, the Delivery Relay will play catch up, and process all the requests that have been waiting.

The Transaction Relay does the same thing, for the web database of transaction info.

What A Relay Shows

Both relay types show basically the same information on the front panel:

  1. Object state: either Active or Standby
  2. Network status: green means all is well, red means errors
  3. Network activity: turns blue during communication attempts
  4. Queue: shows number of items waiting to be processed