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E2V-3 Self Hosting License Agreement

Last modification date: April 10, 2013

This license agreement is considered a "good faith" agreement. It’s not full of legalese, and isn’t legally binding. It is a verbal agreement you make with me based on the honor system and mutual trust. It’s as much for your good as it is for mine!

Source Code Confidentiality

It’s important to understand that the self-hosted version provides you with a portion of the source code for the E2V system. I’m sharing the files with you as a benefit of the system, but I’m not giving it to you. I still own the source code. What you have is a license to use the source code to run your installation of the E2V system.

As such, you’re responsible for not allowing unauthorized access to the source code. Please don’t give or show it to anyone else who has any involvement in Second Life. An exception to this would be someone in a technical position, for example a server administrator.

If you discontinue use of the system, you’re asked to delete the source code. My policy is "once a customer, always a customer" so if you ever leave and decide to come back, I’ll get you set up again, so don’t worry about deleting the code.

Modifying the Source Code

It’s in your best interest not to modify the source code. (There is an exception to this, which is the file called “e2v_system.php” but please discuss changes to this file with me before you make them!)

This is for your protection in terms of the stability of the system, as well as new versions that may come in the future. If you modify the source code, your changes will either be erased as part of an update, or you’ll need to begin the slippery slope of merging your changes into the new versions as they’re made available. I will not be able to make any special allowances to make this easier for you.

However, if you do make changes you agree to submit a copy of the changed files to me. You are creating a derivative of my work when you change the files, and as such, your changes do not mean that you suddenly own the source code. I am very open to the idea of including your changes in official releases of the product upon review, which means that you’re implicitly agreeing to that possibility. If your changes become part of official releases, you’d no longer have to worry about merging or losing them during updates!

Other Uses

You have the capability to host not only your own store, but anyone else’s as well. This means that if you have a friend in SL who also has the regular E2V-hosted version, they can run their store on your server if you so choose. Since they’ve already purchased the system from me, I have no objections to you hosting their store on your server. I don’t need to know anything more about your arrangement with such parties, so work out whatever you’d like. That said, the following points should be made clear to all parties involved:

  • I’m not able to assist with any data migration. I will, upon request, provide a complete export of a customer’s historical data if they’ve been hosted on my server previously, but I cannot assist in the potentially complex task of importing, fixing up store ID’s, etc.
  • The store owner must disclose this arrangement to me. In other words, if I spent time answering questions or trying to figure out something that’s going wrong for them, only to find out an hour into it that they’re hosted on someone else’s server, I’m going to hit the roof.


Your good faith agreement can be summed up as "don’t give this away, and don’t change it without talking to me."

Final Escape Clause

Basically, if I get hit by a bus, you’re off the hook on all of the above, and you can do whatever you want with it. In this instance, "hit by a bus" is reasonably defined as unresponsive to emails or IMs for 10 days, without any prior notice of planned leave.