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VIP Credit

Use the VIP Credit feature to award store credit to specific groups of people.

Some notes about using the VIP Credit feature:

  • Credit is awarded when a person clicks on your VIP Credit terminal
  • A person must belong to the list you configure your terminal to use.
  • The list may be an SL group, or a notecard of specific names.
  • Any individual can only receive the credit once, until you reset the list.
  • You may have up to 5 lists active at once, and any number of terminals for those lists.


Follow these steps to build your VIP Credit terminal:

  1. Build your terminal object however you want.
  2. Place a note card named config inside the terminal. (See below for the config note card contents and options.)
  3. Optionally place a note card named vipnames inside the terminal. (See below)
  4. Place the VIP Credit script into the terminal.

Selecting a List of People

Each terminal you build authorizes a particular list of people to receive store credit when they click the terminal. This list of people can be either an SL group, or can come from a list of names you provide to the terminal.

Using an SL Group - Using an SL group requires only that you make sure the terminal object is set to the group you want to use. Only customers wearing the matching group tag will be allowed to collect the store credit.

Using a List of Names - To explicitly list the names of avatars you wish to be eligible to collect the store credit, add the names, one per line, to a note card named vipnames and place that note card inside the terminal's inventory. Note that this method is suitable for smaller lists, up to about 50 names.

Creating the Config Note Card

Below is a sample config note card:

congrats=You've been awarded L$50 in store credit.
sorry=You've already collected the store credit for this round.

amount - the amount of credit you want given to each person in the list

list - Must be a number from 1 to 5. For example, you might have one credit giveaway for a small group of bloggers to get your latest release, and another giveaway for an SL group of VIP customers. In this example, you might use list #1 for the bloggers, and place a vipnames note card into that terminal, and then use list #2 for your SL group on a different terminal. Remember to configure each terminal using the same list number exactly the same.

congrats - the text shown to someone who clicks and collects the store credit.

sorry - the text shown to someone who clicks after already having collected the store credit previously.

showbalance - set this to "1" or "true" and the user's credit balance will be displayed to them after receiving the credit.

item - set this to the exact name of an inventory item inside the VIP Credit prim, and that item will be given to each person picking up credit (e.g. a notecard)

Owner Options

When you, as the store owner, click a VIP Credit terminal, you will be shown a menu with the following options:

Reload - Select this after you've made any changes to the config or vipnames notecards, to cause the script to reload the options.

Count - Shows the number of people who have collected the store credit from the list number used by the clicked terminal.

Reset List - Resets the list used by this terminal, so that all names are once again eligible to collect the store credit. For example, if you have a monthly credit allowance for a VIP group, use this option at the beginning of each month.