What Is E2V?

E2V is an advanced, scripted vendor system for Second Life merchants.

While documentation is provided with the in-world package, here are a list of some of the main features of the E2V System:

Inventory Server
The in-world inventory server provides a single location for all your boxed items. You can place the server anywhere on the grid, allowing you to make sure it's kept in a safe, secure place. All vendors and redelivery terminals deliver product from the inventory server.
Customer Rewards / Loyalty Points
You can optionally reward your customers with store credit on every purchase, using either a fixed amount, or a percentage of the item's price. There are separate rates for group and non-group customers.
Gift Cards
Your customers can buy gift cards for their friends in any denomination you decide. When purchasing a gift card, the customer is actually purchasing store credit for someone else. A gift card you created is then sent to the gift recipient, to inform them, and optionally provide them with a notecard and/or a landmark. Once at your store, they can purchase items using their store credit - the gift card object isn't necessary.
Buy As Gift
Every vendor allows your customers to purchase items as gifts for someone else. No need for special gifting vendors.
Grid-wide Sales
You can easily configure a sale that affects all your vendors, either with a discount percentage, or a fixed sale price. Starting and ending a sale is as simple as cycling your vendors with the supplied tool.
Free "Gatcha" System
Put your discounted items on a special sale where a customer is given a random item each time they pay the vendor.
Admin Terminal
Allows you and/or authorized admins to adjust store credit amounts for individual customers.

More Information

Lots more information is available in-world. Send me an IM (DavidThomas Scorbal) and I would be happy to discuss the specifics of your store and business model, and decide if E2V is right for you!