Your Questions Answered

The most common questions about the E2V System...

Why would I want a vendor system?
A vendor system can provide you with tools to run your business better, and features to help you sell more product.
What will it do for me?
The E2V System offers many benefits, but here are a few of the most notable:
  • Enhanced reporting. See your sales at a glance, broken down by date range, type of sale, product, etc.
  • "Buy As Gift" functionality is built-in. There's no need for separate gift vendors.
  • Gift Cards. Completely secure gift cards available for purchase within your store.
  • Reward points. Offer your customers store credit on any/all purchases.
How easy is it to use?
Very! A vendor is as simple as a prim with a script dropped in it. The Inventory Server architecture allows for extremely simple vendor setup.
How is all this done?
The E2V System consists of two main layers:
  • In-world items. The E2V package comes with scripts and objects. For example, you'll recieve one script for running vendors, another for making gift cards, etc.
  • An account on the E2V web server The E2V web server is where you'll log in to run reports, set various options, etc.